First Dental Visit

Children laughing after dentistChildren should be seen for their first dental visit between six and twelve months. This is typically the time your child’s first tooth will begin to erupt. The initial dental visit is intended to give the parent information on growth and development, prevention tips for tooth decay and become comfortable with your West Village children’s dentist and staff. Building trust early on will help keep your child at ease for future dental visits.

Once we’ve gotten to know you and your child a bit we will begin their oral exam. We’ll check for decay, inspect developing teeth and if we need to address any additional issues, we will address at this time.

Preparing Your Child For Their Visit

If your child is old enough, it is best to talk with them about their first visit. Not meant to make it a “big deal” but enough to where they understand a bit of what will be going on. It’s best to not use words such as “drills” or “shots” and stick to positive language. Even building a little excitement is great! If you struggle with dental anxiety yourself, try not to show this to your children. This can instill fear in them and create stress around their dental visits for many years to come.

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