Cavities & Tooth Colored Fillings

Children laughing after dentistDental caries or cavities happen when the tooth enamel begins to breakdown. Both primary teeth and permanent teeth can get cavities. The combination of food, bacteria, acid and saliva form plaque on the teeth. This is a hard sticky substance. If plaque is left on the teeth, over time it will release acids which eat away at the tooth enamel which then can cause cavities. Tooth decay is very common in children which makes keeping up with your six month check-ups and practicing good oral hygiene all the more important.

Cavity Prevention Tips

Tooth Colored Dental Fillings

Most often today we only place tooth colored dental fillings or mercury-free fillings for children. While this is a very small amount of mercury which has been deemed safe, we understand and respect this concern. In addition, metal fillings are unsightly. When they smile and open wide, no one will know!

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