Healthy Teeth Food List

Dr. Klose’s Food List for Healthy Teeth

Diet plays a very important role in a healthy smile. Dr. Klose’ and the West Village Dental Studio team came up with a list that we believe is both easily accessible at most supermarkets and affordable. Check out the quick list below for foods for healthy teeth in the West Village.


Nuts provide a great source of protein, calcium and numerous vitamins and minerals. When chewing, they provide a bit of manual scrubbing on your teeth as well. We like almonds for their high calcium content but cashews and walnuts are great options as well.


Very few of us don’t love cheese. Cheese is filled with calcium, phosphates and vitamin D which are essential minerals for our teeth strength. Foods high in these minerals help prevent tooth decay. If you are vegan, soy milk may be a good alternative or calcium fortified juices.


Eating no added sugar yogurt contains probiotics which are healthy bacteria. Sounds gross, but this healthy bacteria is essential to our daily lives. Between probiotics, calcium, and protein your teeth and gums will greatly benefit.

Green Tea

You can attribute most of green tea’s health-promoting effects to its polyphenol content. In oral health, this compound interacts with plaque and harmful bacteria to reduce acid. This powerhouse of a tea can help reduce gum inflammation, gum disease, and tooth decay. If you are worried about staining, rinse your mouth with water after your cup of tea.


We chose carrots but really any high fiber crunchy vegetables are a great choice. You receive the benefit of physical scrubbing from chewing the vegetable along with increasing saliva production which helps neutralize acids. Carrots specifically are high in water content, contain calcium and phosphates which will help rebuild minerals in the teeth.

Leafy Greens

Packed full of calcium, phosphorous and folic acid, leafy greens play a major role in new cell development. Powerhouse leafy greens such as spinach, kale, and cabbage will help strengthen your enamel and promote gum health.

Kicking up the fibrous fruits and vegetables that are in season is a great way to incorporate local, fresh foods. Summer through Autumn is an exceptionally great time for nutrient-dense foods. While working on strengthening your teeth and oral health with the above list, your skin, hair, brain, and body will benefit greatly. For more oral health tips in West Village, NYC, please reach out to West Village Dental Studio!