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Look at what just a little space closure did for this beautiful smile 🤩! After braces, this patient noticed the space between his front teeth returning. Since the rest of his teeth were still correctly aligned, we corrected it in under 3 months!

Boost In-Office Whitnening

This famous patient wanted a brighter smile for a big upcoming TV role. Dr. Klose did an in-office whitening for him and got these results in about 1 hour with minimal sensitivity after!

Porcelain Veneer & Gum Contouring

This patient came to us because she did not like how her front teeth looked in pictures and how uneven her gums were. Dr. Klose removed her old veneer, re-shaped her gum and finished off with a single veneer. The patient also wanted to keep that small space between her teeth for character, Dr. Klose agreed and was happy to do that for her! Look at that beautiful smile!

Dental Crowns

This gentlemen is a Broadway performer and his smile is a vital part his job. He had some trauma to his front teeth as a child and had to have root canals on both front teeth. His teeth started to discolor shortly after and he was looking to fix that. Dr. Klose placed crowns on his front two teeth and brought the brightness back to his smile!

KöR Professional Whitnening

KoR Teeth Whitening Before After West Village
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