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Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Smile in West Village

Dusting the baseboards, cleaning the carpets, emptying out the closets and garage may all be on the spring cleaning checklist this year. But, as your West Village dentist, we’ve come up with a different spring cleaning checklist, one for your smile! Below are five spring cleaning tips to help clean your mouth and the appliances you use in conjunction with keeping your smile beaming!

Tip #1 – Replace Your Toothbrush

Have you been using the toothbrush you received in your stocking at Christmas? That’s great! It’s been about three months since Christmas so it’s time to say goodbye to these weathered bristles. If you are using an electric toothbrush, 3-4 months is the recommended replacement time for their heads as well. Have you been sick? Cold or flu? If you forgot to replace you or your child’s toothbrush right after being ill, now is the time to throw it away and start fresh.

Tip #2 Check the Expiration on Your Mouthwash

We recommend a mouth rinse with your daily oral hygiene routine. Sometimes an old mouth rinse or wash is lurking underneath our cabinets that still gets used. Check your mouthwash and if past the expiration date, toss them. Quick and easy.

Tip #3 – Clean Your Retainer / Invisalign / Night Guard Cases

Brushing our retainers, night guards for teeth grinding (bruxism), Invisalign, etc. should be part of our daily routine. The cases these sit in, however, often get neglected and can collect bacteria and grime. Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to soak your cases and give them a good scrub to clear debris and bacteria. If you’ve been sick it’s always a good idea to try and remember to scrub your retainers, guards, and cases right away to avoid getting sick again.

*If you suffer from teeth grinding in West Village and think you may need a mouthguard, contact us for a consultation.

Tip #4 – Dentures Professional Cleaning

Dentures should be brushed daily to help keep both the dentures and your mouth clean. Every so often, though they can use a professional cleaning. What better time than now to take them to your dentist? We can professionally clean your dentures and check them out for any damage. If you are having any troubles with your dentures (fit, etc.) this is a great time to address these issues as well.

Tip #5 – Schedule a Professional Dental Cleaning

When is the last time you had a general dental cleaning? We recommend bi-annual cleanings for a host of reasons. Regular dental exams help rid your mouth of plaque that brushing and flossing can’t take care of, help keep cavities at bay and can prevent costly repairs that could go unnoticed without check-ups. Schedule your West Village dental cleaning here.

While we don’t want to add to your heaping cleaning list, a spring cleaning for your mouth should be a gift to yourself. A healthy mouth is often associated with a confident smile. Feel good about your dental health and visit West Village Dental Studio for any of your dental needs this Spring!