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CEREC Same Day Dental Crowns BannerWest Village Dental Studio is well experienced in replacing tooth decay and badly worn or chipped teeth with same day dental crowns in the West Village. Dental crowns are typically recommended when a tooth has decayed too badly on the outside to be replaced with a general filling. Another major indication for a crown is a cracked tooth, especially if it is sensitive to bite. In the case of a crown, we would remove the outer surface (decayed area if necessary) and “cap” it with a fixed material. Dental bridges are very similar to crowns in both material and procedure. The main difference is that a bridge is typically used to replace an entire tooth, either from tooth loss or decay that is beyond repair.

CEREC Same Day Crown By Sirona

West Village Dental Studio uses the new CEREC crown restoration system from Sirona. The CEREC system is the latest in dental technology that allows for same day dental crowns. The CEREC milling system enables patients to receive a perfectly fitted crown in just a few hours. So instead of the typical multi-day visit for the procedure, Dr. Klose' can you have you in and out with a new crown on the same day.

See the CEREC Machine in Action:

“CEREC” stands for Chair-side Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. The technology uses a CAD/CAM system which incorporates a camera, computer and milling machine all into one system. The process starts with your West Village dentist using a special camera to take accurate impressions of the damaged or decaying tooth. This means no messy impressions needed. Images are then relayed to a computer system where she will use CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology to design the restoration. The milling machine then uses CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) to automatically recreate the restoration while you wait comfortably in the office. Dr. Klose' then bonds the newly created restoration to the surface of your old tooth. The entire process is extremely quick!

Typical Compositions Of Dental Crowns

Metal-alloy crowns – these are typically a mix of gold blend with another metal such as silver, platinum, copper, palladium or tin.

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns – these types of crowns are composed of a thinner layer of porcelain that is fused to a metal base or substructure. This option gives your dentist a better opportunity to match the outer porcelain to the shade of your surrounding teeth. These offer a more natural look than full metal crowns.

Full metal-free crowns – non-metal crowns are growing to be the most popular, and typically what your dentist will recommend. These are fabricated from materials such as alumina, leucite, zirconia, and porcelain. These non-metal crowns are best for a natural appearance and should last the longest. When using CEREC, we will make your crown from porcelain or zirconia so that it best mimics the look, feel and function of your natural tooth.

When To Consider A Crown Or Bridge

Most often patients are in need of a crown or replacement when tooth decay has destroyed most of the natural tooth. The crown provides protection for the remainder of the tooth and root structure. Doctors may also recommend the use of a crown after root canal therapy on posterior teeth. Using a crown in these circumstances will help solidify and protect the remaining tooth. Crowns can also be used as a cosmetic option to repair badly chipped and cracked teeth or to close space between teeth. Dental crowns for cosmetic purposes are often less expensive than other alternatives.

  • To fix a badly decayed tooth
  • To repair a badly chipped or fractured tooth
  • After root canal therapy (to protect the tooth & root structure)
  • To close gaps in teeth (aesthetic purposes)
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